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Welcome to Maria's Hair Extensions!

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My goal is to provide the best hair extension service possible. Satisfaction of each and every one of my clients is my Number One Priority, therefore I work with clients to achieve the results above and beyond of what the client's expectations.
The initial phone conversation ensures I understand exactly what the client is looking for and allows for the opportunity to explain the process.
This website provides a wealth of information that is useful for women looking to get hair extensions. Its important to gain information about the process… it will allow you to make the decision that is right for you and will also enable to ask pertinent questions.

There are 3 components to ensuring the best outcome in hair extensions:

1. Match the color and texture of natural hair to the extension hair.

2. Apply to the hair to create natural look (not too thick/or too thin).

3. Ensure extensions stay in for 3 months.

We are experts in all three of the above. Please refer to the pictures.
I look forward to working with you!